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Wezen SAM

Global Content, Simplified

Say goodbye to content chaos and hello to streamlined success. Whether you’re crafting campaigns or managing e-commerce content, global content command is simplified with Wezen’s SAM at your side.

Semantic Asset Management: Global Content, simplified.

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Take a data-driven approach and start harmonizing content in your organization.

Drive your content strategy

Plan and streamline your international content’s go-to-market from a unified platform, perfectly synchronized with all your digital channels.

What if you could combine all the operations for your international content in 1 solution?

Define what content you want to produce, and orchestrate all the steps for content creation and delivery until your messages reach your audience worldwide.

Stay ahead

Real-time tracking of contribution and translation status keeps your content strategy on track and removes the need to contact everyone.

Say goodbye to the endless back-and-forth with project managers. With our real-time tracking, stay updated on every step of your assets’ journey from inception to publication.

Semantic Asset Management workflows match your organization's complexity

Overcome your organization's complexity

Our solution simply tailors workflows reflecting your organization, ensuring smoother project execution.

Envision the power of AI crafting compelling product descriptions, seamlessly integrated with the expertise of your international teams for market-specific adaptations. Our solution allows you to merge these functionalities into customized workflows that reflect your unique organizational needs.

Central Command for worldwide content campaigns

Steer all aspects of your international campaigns from one central hub.

Accelerate content updates​

Effortlessly push validated content live and always work on its latest version, accelerating your time-to-market.

Want to make some edits on previous work? Make your changes and, with just one click, instantly propagate them to your audience. Our system ensures colleagues working on parallel projects are automatically updated, eliminating the redundancy of starting over due to outdated versions.

Content that is edited propages in the translation workflow, and updates are pushed live instantly
Efficiently track international content availability online, across all your platforms

Efficiently track content availability​

You’re informed in-time about what’s available in each market, ensuring your strategy’s success.

Are all your product pages live across markets? What sections of your website await translation? With Wezen, stay informed about every facet of your content’s availability, ensuring no market is left behind.

What is Semantic Asset Management?

Semantic Asset Management simplifies and streamlines global content campaigns, offering a centralized platform for managing complex workflows involving AI and your teams. A SAM helps to tailor content for specific markets, and provides actionable insights on your international readiness.

It’s demanding to plan or confirm the availability of content over your many platforms, at an international level.

Solution: Browse your content across your platforms and define your content plan for each market. For instance, find out everything that has not yet been completed in your PIM’s attributes, and what part of your CMS needs translating.

Pinpointing content yet to be translated can often be a challenge.

Solution: Clearly spot what needs to be translated or adapted thanks to our expert identification system, streamlining your localization process. If you have made changes to some text in your source language, Wezen suggests updating translations accordingly.

Manual import and export of content always slow down operations.

Solution: Automate the import/export tasks with your PIM, CMS, DAM etc., eliminating repetitive work and accelerating your market presence. Your platforms are in total sync with your SAM’s validated content.

Handling the intricacies of content creation and delivery across 20 markets can be overwhelming.

Solution: Design complex processes for your various campaigns, letting you focus on what matters. You may need AI to write descriptions, and duplicate content for different markets who share the same language. You can plan for that with Wezen.

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Advanced features

AI for Semantic Asset Management

Involve AI

Integrate AI to turn basic briefs into compelling descriptions. AI can creatively generate new attributes by variating existing fields, and elevate the quality of Machine Translation outputs.

Customized semantic data workflows in Wezen's SAM

Tailored and automated data workflows

Design, perfect, and automate data workflows. Construct sophisticated data and work processes uniquely suited to your content types and organizational needs.

Copywriting app, Translation app, Monitoring app, all steered through Wezen's SAM

Intelligent automation for content & translation management

Enhance efficiency by integrating our Copywriting and Translation apps, initiating seamless content creation workflows.

Wezen SAM integration check

Guarantee content integration

Monitor content reintegration in real-time, ensuring accuracy and control of your data flow.

Integrations with PIM, CMS, CRM or DAM, all centralized through Wezen's SAM

Steer integrations with PIM, CMS, CRM, DAM

Effortlessly manage data flow through API or Channel integrations, all centralized in one accessible location for optimal control.

Live status of international semantic assets

Live insights on global content

Get immediate reporting on your international content availability and performance.

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