Ways our customers have seen success by localizing their content and speaking directly to new markets.

Photo by Jesse Martini on Unsplash

Because of the pandemic, people are using the internet more than ever, to shop for essentials and tokeep themselves informed.

Many studies have shown that year on year eCommerce sales, for March and April have experienced significant increases in the majority of categories. That’s to be expected.

But with this surge in eCommerce can we assume that some customers will be permanently converted to thisway of shopping longer term?

“We just don’t know yet. But one thing is for sure: brands that provide a seamless, informative online experience are poised to succeed during this challenging time.”

There is an element of uncertainty around everything at the moment. It’s hard to predict what the future will hold and whether shopping habits will remain the same or will we see a resurgence in shopping in stores as restrictions lift?

What are you doing to make sure your new and existing customers are having the best experience?

One thing that can be done to ensure greater loyalty from customers is to provide an excellent content experience. One way to achieve that is by translating your product catalog; articles; marketing content to reach new audiences. Speaking in the same language as your customer shows you value them and want them to have a better experience with your service.

Often our clients come to us to try out translating into a language where they know they get a particularly high amount of orders from. They want to start reaching out to their customers in this new market, to learn from them, and engage them with the brand.

This is a good place to start when translating content for the first time. Where are you shipping to most outside of your country of origin? If you’re seeing good traction in a new market why not speak their language to help them engage more deeply with your brand.
At Wezen, we did just that for one of our luxury eCommerce clients. They had noticed a few markets that seemed particularly interested in what they were offering. They wanted to start with French and see if it would be worth moving into Asia.
We set about translating and reviewing their product catalog into french and onboarded their internal teams so they could validate the translations before pushing the products live on the new, french version of their website.
Their customers loved it. They understood the products more, they understood the brand more and they showed it with their wallets.

There was a 61% uplift in sales.

Having seen the value of translating their product catalog and editorial content into french they proceeded to work with us to do the same in the Korean and Japanese markets. Not only did they see an increase of 80% in international sales they also saw an increase of 45% and 54% in UK and US sales after they had different language options.

Another client of ours knew they were the leading voice in their sector in America and wanted to make sure the quality of content produced for their home market was being replicated, worldwide, on their localized sites.

They discovered it wasn’t up to par and wasn’t drawing as much traffic as they thought possible.

A grand operation commenced that started with 13 languages and increased to 27 after they saw how valuable accurate localization can be.

This company chose to transcreate articles that had already been written for the American market into local markets empowering those markets to choose content that was more relevant to them. (Transcreation is where the translator has the freedom to alter the text so it is more culturally appropriate.) They are also encouraged to find local studies to back up the data instead of leaving in the American research which often isn’t relevant.

Giving their local markets the autonomy to choose topics relevant to their customers enabled them to speak about current topics and gain more traction using local studies and references.

They saw an average uplift of 23% in global traffic worldwide. (Up to +150% in some markets)

They now trust us to help them create the articles from the start and are commencing with another huge and exciting project with us later on this year.

If you think you are ready to take on a new market that has shown interest in your product or content, we can help you do this whilst maintaining your credibility and tone of voice. Email us today at welcome@wezen.com and we can start to guide you through this challenging but advantageous step!