How a trusted global brand engaged local audiences in 69 markets around the world

2 million words translated in a year
One of the world's leading hygiene group
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One of the world’s leading hygiene groups: A truly global company specialized in producing, providing, and distributing personal care, household, veterinary, and healthcare products. Serving consumers worldwide, the US-based group brings together several well-known and trusted hygiene brands.

Brand: Multi-Brand Group Based in the US
Increase Organic traffic and visibility
Adobe Experience Manager

The project scope

The group’s primary objective was to increase organic traffic to their main website by translating articles to better engage different local markets. The group had struggled to find a way to process high volumes of content at a high enough speed and was not satisfied with the quality of their language service provider’s translations.
transcreation approach was recommended for the localization of key articles to provide higher-quality editorial translations. Workflows were revamped to optimize the transcreation process using the Wezen platform, which enabled the group to redesign the process and onboard all the different teams concerned—including translation agencies, local markets, SEO teams, and more. It became clear that an Adobe Experience Manager Connector would be key to the success of these workflows.

The results

The group is now able to choose the articles to be published for a given market (140 articles per year) and send them through the connector to be processed on the Wezen platform. Equipped with a content editor specific to the transcreation process, the Translate app enables the content to be transcreated by linguists working on the platform, after which it is reviewed and then sent to an SEO team for analysis. Legal and marketing reviews for local markets are also carried out directly on the Wezen platform. When the translations have been finalized, they are integrated into AEM and published on the website. Beyond the scope of the website itself, translations in Excel can be created using the Codex solution in Wezen, which reduces delivery times—even for non-AEM content.


While the prospect of onboarding local markets seemed challenging at first, the Wezen platform gained higher traction than anticipated in terms of local use. The Customer Success Team was able to reassure users by training each team and providing additional support when needed. Subsidiaries have become more confident in using Wezen, which has increased their visibility. Cognizant of the benefits of working with the same tool, they have thanked us for improving project efficiency and bringing everyone together on the same platform.

A year after the process revamp, the website acknowledged a 21% increase in traffic.

Since the group first began working with Wezen in 2019, five more of the group’s brands have joined the platform.

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