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Our teams focus on building powerful technology for content creation and translation in the market.

"Whoever creates text, to publish online,
does so using Wezen."

Business Development

Got a drive to see growth? Get prospective clients excited about the right tech solutions for them using Wezen to improve their processes. Drive growth in the team and help push towards the Wezen mission statement. Work with an international team with travel opportunities and the chance to develop your skills in several areas. ​

Product & Software Engineering

Get a kick out of the perfect code? In the development team, you are given full autonomy: you design it, you build it, you run it. We believe in developing our people as well as our platform so you will have access to continuous training. We work with agile methodology on a modern stack with the freedom to choose your own tools.

Customer Success

Got a passion for problem-solving? Thrive in a challenging environment with a great team to support you. Every day looks different from the last so you should enjoy thinking on your toes. You will work across all teams from development to customer and user interaction. Feedback from all these groups is key. We are a User-centric team

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