It’s relevant that companies localize their content in order to reach global customers, thus increasing sales. Indeed, writing, translating and integrating contents is a long and fastidious process. You need to translate, review and publish content in a very quick manner to cope up in the fast-paced world. Wezen and its semantic technologies, among the ones we find CAT tools (Computer-Assisted-Translation), can largely facilitate these workflows and processes.

Not convinced on what semantic technologies can do for you? Read on!

🌎 Collaborate without boundaries

Technology eliminates boundaries, allowing us to share contents in real time regardless of the location of your translators. Therefore, you can assign a task to different translators from across the globe, work on the same project, all accessing and updating the same centralized translation memory.

💯 Track linguists’ performances

For the sake of your brands, you want to involve the best providers on your translation projects. Technology allows this by giving brands the possibility of monitoring the performances of their linguistic providers and in-house linguists. Brands can now track their repetition rate, use of term base, quality of translation and ability to deliver on time. Moreover, you can analyze which of your service providers receive the less corrections from your end. By monitoring linguists’ performances, it is now possible to choose the best providers for your projects, from quality and productivity point of views.

Decrease translation timing

Your time-to-market will be decreased from weeks to hours thus, your brand can stay in trend. Thanks to our connectors, there is no manual implementation anymore. You can now say “Bye” to human errors, and “Hello” to API. No implementation mistakes and loss of time anymore.

👨‍💻 You need transparency to better plan your strategy and monitor cost

What is worse than a project you can’t monitor the progress? Technology is not only here to increase productivity and sales. It also allows project transparency. Transparency is necessary particularly in authoring and localization industries. Indeed, when launching localization projects, you need to track several elements such as project status, repetition rates and translation quality. Wezen’s KPI dashboard allows you to ensure on-time delivery and optimized resource planning through load history and forecast.

🔥 Be a step ahead of the competition

Your competitors shift from translation services to translation technologies. Indeed, budgets dedicated to localization will reach 56,18 billion by 2021, which represent an increase of 21% from 2018. Do you want to be left behind the tracks before you shift your technology?

🈂️ Localize more. Sell more

42% of the population is more likely to buy a product which is translated in their native language. It makes a lot of sense for them and puts them at ease when making a purchase. Users well informed are undeniably easier to convert. So why don’t you take an advantage of CAT Tools (Translation Memory, SEO Term Base, QA Checker) to localize more and sell more? Anyway, localization is an investment, not a cost!

💸 Increase on-site traffic

Nowadays, we’re in a content ware where companies are under a duty of producing a lot of content to compete and increase their traffic. To succeed, companies use frequently the same words for 1 big reason: SEO. But when you launch your service providers on translation projects, they don’t necessarily assess it. Then, they will write numerous times the same words and you will pay for this (yes, really!). Hopefully, Term Base and Translation Memory now allow storing all your frequently used words and never pay for this again. When AI detects a word, it will autocomplete your translations, taking into accounts the context, thus giving you a consequent savings and increasing traffic on site!


We cannot ignore the fact that CAT tools are essential to translators and clients. Want to learn more on how technology makes your process smoother and cost efficient?

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