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A single place to centralize your semantic assets, write content, localize and deploy them.

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Optimize linguistic costs
Focus only on valuable work and let A.I. take care of the rest.
Minimize time-to-market
Reduce translation delivery from 1 week down to hours.
Target brand image
Get consistent tone of voice and monitor linguistic performance.
Comply with regulations
Either you are a startup or global brand, your content's privacy is paramount. Ease audits thanks to content traceability.
Smart semantic technologies
Get the latest tech in terms of linguistic tools, content analysis, and interconnections.
Change management should not be a nightmare. Through awesome GUIs and user onboarding, Wezen targets user adoption at every level.
Smart Search

Claim content ownership and traceability

Team empowerment - Give your team an instant access to all your corporate semantic assets.

No more versioning issues - Make sure you control the latest versions of your texts over your global digital communication.

Smart Search - Find contents, make changes once and trigger updates to your communication supports.

Reconcile copywriting efficiency with high quality

Consistency through collaboration - Provide your teams with a complete suite of tools that drive linguistic quality in one interface.

Templating & Syndication - Use copy templates to gain efficiency, ensure accuracy and adapt to multi-channel publishing.

Challenges anticipation - Implement best practices adapted to localization and multi-channel publishing.


Take end-to-end control of localization projects

Multi-providers collaboration - Have localization agencies and in-house linguists join the same environment to benefit from project history, translation memories and term bases.

State-of-the-art semantic technologies - Benefit from innovations that drive translation quality, speed up each step, and ensure cost optimization.

Seamless localization - Ease project management through automations and get rid of organizational nightmares at a global and local level.

Design new layouts and publish pages live

Go-live in minutes - Automatically publish updates made to any content on Wezen.

Instant website design - Build up your own product pages or layout templates to design the website you need and push live.

No coding skills required - Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails with creative and development agencies.


Monitor and analyze both detailed and high-level data

Ensure on-time delivery - Optimize resource planning through load history and forecast.

Performance follow-up - Share project dashboards or customize your own data analysis so each user gets the information they like: translation quality, translation memory usage, volume history and forecast.

Live KPI - Put key metrics on the wall to always get visibility on current projects' quality and deadlines.

4 Hours
Reduce localization tasks down to a 4 hour turnaround.
Only require 50% of the project management resources you currently need.
Control 100% of the information about your linguistic projects.

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