Empower local content creators to increase online sales

Help your teams scale multilingual content creation worldwide

Write valuable content

Smart copywriting and translation makes you stand out with exceptional copy. Use technology that targets content quality.

Translate for more traffic

Take the lead in each market with relevant local content. Automate workflows and checks to be content-ready in all languages.

Deploy your global identity

Provide an experience with branded content. Enforce SEO and brand terminology to create a consistent global identity.

Create an online experience in every language

Robust features that speak volume


No need for multiple back 'n' forths when the tool you use enables you to make your needs clear and set the rules from the start. Whole teams can comment as you go to ensure the copy is perfect at first pass.


Accessing the right customers is vital to the success of any business even if these customers speak a different language. We can help you speak to your audience no matter where they are.


No restrictions. Reuse archived content in different medias and locations. Rework website content to be used on an interactive app in a different language. Wezen manages your content to support your dreams.

Copywriting & Translation in 1 place

Drive content
directly to linguists

Linguists can't work within a CMS or PIM.
Wezen provides all the specific editors for copywriting and translation

Connect your CMS or PIM

Get rid of manual content integration.
Create tasks on Wezen using APIs

Translation requests
in 1 click

Don't manage translation requests with emails.
Use workflows to dispatch tasks to agencies and local markets

Make local updates
at anytime

Don't fear to change content in your CMS.
Local editors correct and preview changes on Wezen

Case studies

Discover the use cases that made our clients proud to work with us.
And learn more about how we deal with challenges and issues.

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