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Your platform for multilingual projects

Extend to more markets

Creating multilingual content for eCommerce can seem daunting, but Wezen makes your processes scalable before things get too complex. Don't get lost in a sea of emails. Use Wezen.

Target local engagement

Make it clear what your products have to offer in your visitor's mother tongue.

Effective communication directly to your consumers increases engagement, trust and sales.

Local contributors in 1 place

Multilingual eCommerce content involves many countries, local marketing, translation/SEO agencies, even regulatory teams. Have them work together seamlessly in 1 dedicated platform.


Lightning speed

Translate new products in as little as 4 hours using Wezen. This means you can sell the same products in any market without waiting. Maximizing your sales.


Ways to create content

Whether you are doing a simple translation (products) or transcreating some marketing content or even creating new content in the local language. Do it all on Wezen.


Inbuilt for your editors

Predefine your local SEO strategy on Wezen before you start to create or translate your content. Using our comprehensive termbase solution and our SEMrush integration.

Tasks screen

Steer your catalogue's translations

All your product-related tasks can be labelled and categorised to suit your organization needs. Our dynamic search allows you to filter and sort your content and manage it efficiently. 

Create reusable templates

Don't bend your content to fit generic templates. With Wezen Write, you can define your own templates that work for you. These templates can be easily duplicated for your eCommerce projects.

Write templates

Connect for efficiency

Your product info needs to be located in your PIM, website content in your CMS. Connect your content platforms to make translation requests seamless and get your content localized in a snap.
(These are some examples of great tools we connect to)


Customer success support

Customer Success Team
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