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Write - A new type of Word processor.

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Every day people around the world open Google Docs or Microsoft Word to create content for their daily jobs.

These fantastic word processors are there to support your creative needs, but, aren’t our needs different now? Aren’t there a few more things to consider when creating content these days. Especially content that will be going online.

Briefs are becoming more and more complex. They require different things to be considered. What words are preferred by the brand you are working for. Copywriters need to read through long Tone of Voice documents to make sure they produce something inline with their current tone and message.

What about SEO? Will you have to do more rounds of amends to make sure the piece is in line with the brand's SEO strategy?

Do the legal team have comments or amends to make? Will this mean another round of adaptations? What if there is a specialist to check terminology and the correct links have been added? Then it’s back to the client for one last check.

How many things do you need to bear in mind as you are working? Constantly having to go back to emails from different departments to make sure everything has been considered.

We knew there was a need for a tool that could make this process more efficient and pleasing. To help make content creation fluid and fun, full of expertise, not ‘bank n forth’.

So, we started to create Write.

Write was our new baby. Starting out as a support tool for creating content that may then be sent for translation, we helped it to slowly grow into a word-processor with a difference. We treated ‘Write’ the same way we did our CAT* tool ‘Translate’ by providing tools that content creators need to support excellent work.

The added benefits

We gave it a memory and termbase just like on our ‘Translate’ app.

The memory helps projects to sound consistent. It gives copywriters a constant frame of reference for how things have been said before on the same project. It also helps when several copywriters are working on the same project to see how others have been working and align their styles.

The termbase means the copywriter knows, as they are writing if they are using the correct terminology. A rejected term will highlight in red if used, and when checked in the termbase the copywriter can see the preferred term. All SEO keywords can be added ahead of the project so instead of the SEO being an afterthought it can lead how the piece is created bringing better search engine results.

We enabled content creation in any language including ‘right to left’ languages like Arabic and character-based languages like Chinese.

We integrated the context into the tool so copywriters don’t have to toggle between their emails and word-processor. We also did this with the brief itself for easy access. Any comments can be made by any contributors directly in the tool itself.

One place for everyone to work together.

We wanted to see if these were things that could be life-changing for teams who work on content creation.

Write in Action!

One of our largest clients who works in the healthcare sector wanted to try it out to see if it could be what they were looking for. They needed to produce original content for their markets. Sometimes just translating from American articles wasn’t relevant enough.

So we trained them up in ‘Write’ and they ran with it. They pushed the boundaries of the tool we had created. As they had several departments that needed to be involved in the content creation. Doctors, Legal teams, Marketing, and SEO agencies. Together they used the tool itself to create the complex brief. As all the created content is stored in one place it was easy for the copywriter to access the brief and create a new piece of copy based on it. They got to grips with the tool quickly and now their teams use it to produce high-quality content.

We saw this at it's most efficient at the beginning of the Corona Virus outbreak where they needed to make a statement quickly and globally.

Brief Created with the Legal and medicals teams > Copywriter created the content > content verified by the client > Content then sent for translation and published worldwide.

It was a true representation of the power of the Wezen Content Process.

With Write you can go that step further when creating content. From a content creation or management perspective Write can make your projects smooth and centralized.

(*Computer Assisted Translation)

We are opening Beta access to 10 copywriters to try out Write and help us make it the tool you want to work with whenever you create content. Reach out if you are interested in being an early adopter of Wezen Write.


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