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Fueling translation software with Gartner's insights

Gartner and Wezen have joined forces in a partnership that will help Wezen secure a leading position in the top tier of the translation software industry. Read on to learn more about how it happened—and the innovation it will unleash.

What Gartner can bring to a Translation Management Platform

The go-to partner for IT industry leaders, Gartner reflects the digital landscape as it is today—and its future potential.

Providing trusted insights into the translation industry, Gartner has helped us gather vital feedback to better understand our peers and customers, including new issues that the latter may be desperate to solve. The information and insights provided are proving valuable in optimizing Wezen's products and providing the right solutions for our customers.

The partnership with Gartner is enabling us to challenge and fuel our vision—to make Wezen the most relevant software in the years to come.

It is also putting Wezen on the map by helping us sustain exponential levels of growth. Once a promising French Tech startup, Wezen is now a leader in the multilingual technology sector.

Working with Gartner means two things:

  1. Securing Wezen’s position as a world-leading Translation Management System.

  2. A lot more innovation—get ready!

Setting the right vision is critical for us at Wezen. Read on to find out why this is so important.

Wezen began its journey as a startup for translators

When the story began five years ago, we launched Wezen with two key strengths at our disposal:

  • Insight into linguists—we understood the challenges they face.

  • A team of dedicated engineers with an ambition to revolutionize the translation industry.

We had a clear goal: to build cutting-edge software to change the way localization projects are run. And we certainly carried it off!

Since the very beginning, the team at Wezen has been full of visionary individuals who have led the way, developing a series of cool new features: from the auto-assignment of translation tasks to reduce coordination work, to an ability to break down big Excel files to enable tasks to be carried out in parallel—not to mention the copywriting memory feature, which has become a game-changer for writers.

Through these developments, Wezen has become a bundle of targeted features that can be leveraged to make translation projects seamless: a complete Translation Management System.

From day one, we have pushed the boundaries by innovating in order to help global brands succeed. Today, we are investing in a partnership with Gartner to go one step further. Why now?

A shift towards content management

Wezen is at a crossroads.

Our stakeholders are content managers. Our primary users are marketing and e-commerce teams, who need to better organize multilingual content. Some need a framework to engage and collaborate with their agencies, while others need solutions to optimize their workflow with internal translation teams.

This means that Wezen is no longer just a tool for linguists. It is a complete content management solution.

And Wezen’s vision needs to adapt in order to stay ahead of the curve and meet our customer’s needs.

To make the right decisions and sustain our success as an industry-leading solution, we must build a bridge between our vision and the market. We must confront our users to anticipate their challenges, and meet with partners to get a broader perspective.

And that is where Gartner comes into play.

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