Wezen for
Internal Translation Teams

Your team's translation system

Simple project management

Configure your workflows and teams to suit each project's needs. Pre-assign your tasks to automate your process. and monitor your projects as they progress in the Activity Feed.

Whole translation team in one place

 Operate all your team's copywriting and translation projects in 1 tool. Onboard all different departments and create a custom workflow for each project. 

Monitor quality easily

 Wezen helps you control your global tone of voice using a termbase. Linguists have direct access to your approved and brand-appropriate SEO keywords.



All of your content in one place. Intelligent search options to help you find content easily. Labeling systems help you group content together. Simple to edit even after you have published.


Increase in productivity

It is common that markets report using Wezen to manager their translation requests has increased their productivity by up to 50%. Centralizing the access to all their content speeds up the work. 



Using Wezen means everyone is contributing to the same translation memory. No more, downloading, uploading, and emailing content. It's all online, safely accessible anywhere.

Wezen for remote teams

With Coronavirus forcing teams to work from home,
projects can become disjointed.

Get rid of desktop licenses and onboard all team members in 1 tool!

Wezen brings everyone back together 😀


Wezen is fully customizable. Each project and piece of content can go on its own specified journey and be seen by all the relevant departments

Check in on the progress of your projects

At a glance, you can see how your projects are progressing and how quickly your teams are delivering the work. This helps you react quickly always maximizing content production

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Connect to your CMS

Plug directly into your CMS to enable a smooth and efficient working process. Our connectors enable fluidity and a clear overview of your translated content in your CMS

Customer success support


As you might want to setup powerful integrations, tech teams appreciate getting some support from Wezen.

Always there for any emergencies, changes and upgrades, Solutions Engineers help you design, configure and test your specific workflows. 

Customer Success Team
your teams

To make every user feel comfortable on the platform, you need to configure Wezen to your needs and train your teams.
With e-learning and a Customer Success Manager, we support your first steps on Wezen to push your projects forward successfully. 

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Supporting your
daily use

As teams consider using Wezen for various purposes, our support team assists everyone who needs help.
From our Helpdesk to your Customer Success Manager, we ensure you get the most out of Wezen.

And we make sure your teams benefit from regular upgrades!


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