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Wezen for
Technology Teams

Your semantic technology partner

Use and reuse

Using our API enables you to focus on your product instead of the translation. Easily edit and change content without any developer needed.

Grow together

Future proof your own tech developments with a tool that is moving forward with you. Always looking to be up to date and at the forefront of new tech ideas.

Seemless connection

A comprehensive library of connectors to the best tools in content and product management. Wezen slots into your active processes seamlessly.


days only to connect

We dedicate 5 days to you to ensure a stable and tested connection.  We like to work with your tech team to support each other to get it right.


clicks to send 

Send content for translation in as little as 3 clicks. Translating becomes an easy part of your publication workflow.


dedicated human

We dedicate a customer success manager to you and your project needs. We understand each translation project is different. 



Control and manage all of your content easily with Semantic Asset Management

Reuse content and send it to new locations for all your content requirements. 

Semantic Asset Management

Easy updates with Git

Automate the translation of your content with our Git connector. Simple to set up all modifications will automatically be detected and translated into your chosen languages.

Connect your CMS to
request translations

Send your content to new languages directly from your systems (CMS/PIM/DAM/CRM) and add new languages when you need them. 


Reduce costs and save time

Using machine translation with off the rack or a Wezen custom tool can save you time and considerable costs.

Customer success support


As you might want to setup powerful integrations, tech teams appreciate getting some support from Wezen.

Always there for any emergencies, changes and upgrades, Solutions Engineers help you design, configure and test your specific workflows. 

Customer Success Team
your teams

To make every user feel comfortable on the platform, you need to configure Wezen to your needs and train your teams.
With e-learning and a Customer Success Manager, we support your first steps on Wezen to push your projects forward successfully. 

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Supporting your
daily use

As teams consider using Wezen for various purposes, our support team assists everyone who needs help.
From our Helpdesk to your Customer Success Manager, we ensure you get the most out of Wezen.

And we make sure your teams benefit from regular upgrades!


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