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How working with Akeneo and Salesforce connector helps you perform!​​

  • Working on 10 languages

  • Akeneo Connector

  • Salesforce's Commerce Cloud connector

  • 3 million words translated

High quality company

Watches & Chronographs

New Website Launch

Akeneo & SFCC


The Brand 

It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sports watches, luxury watches, and precision chronographs. Proposing high-quality watches to the world's customers, It exists for a lot of years.

The project scope

One of their main objectives was to launch a new website that gathered product and editorial content to propose a new experience with new products. And they wanted to translate English into Chinese Simplified, Traditional one, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, and Russian.  

The results

The story begins with the brand having issues with their PIM and CMS. They work on Akeneo for all their products and SalesForce Commerce Cloud for their editorial pages. So we installed the Akeneo and SFCC connectors. We worked with Datawords because they provide the translation and some project management.

There were some difficulties with HTML being mistranslated and the 3.0 Akeneo version. It was added to the wrong API key and sent to Wezen all over their site. But rapidly, We built a connector to Akeneo to support them. We learned a lot about testing and how to use user feedback to improve our connectors, and managed to the project up and running after some issues. We switch to Rigel during the rollout of the brand but this was not really performant because the HTML integrations were not really good.


Even with many HTML problems, we did find solutions to give an important advantage to them. The process is quite simple. The client sends in translation using the  Akeneo or SFCC connectors, then he creates a ticket on JIRA to inform DTW that there is content available to be translated. 


In Run mode, We no longer translate editorial pages. 


Its been going for 1 year we have been kicked off one scope which has now gone to localize. The process is now quite smooth. We often update the version of the connector with Akeneo to permits them to work in the best environment. This is why they love to work with the two connectors. 

#Funfact --> We lost a laptop in the process of trying to get this built.

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Alexis Licour

Solution Engineer

Alexis is the solution Engineer working with this brand

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