How Colgate Palmolive engaged global audiences within 50 markets​​​

  • From 13 to 50 languages in 1 year

  • Notably, decrease their time-to-market from 2 to 1 week

  • AEM connectivity is optimized for CoE (Center of Excellence)

Colgate Palmolive

Healthcare hygiene

Increase organic traffic and decrease

Adobe Experience Manager


Who are they? 

Colgate Palmolive is one of the world's leading multinationals specializing in producing, providing, and distributing personal care, household, veterinary, and health care product. It gathers brands like Ajax, Palmolive, Soaky and Sanex.

The project

Colgate's main objective was to generate organic traffic on their main website They wanted to do so by translating articles but had issues processing volumes at a relatively high speed and were not satisfied of the translation agency's quality. In addition to that, key articles should be transcreated, which gives a higher level of editorial translation.


To support the transcreation project, a decision was made to revamp workflows. With the Wezen platform, Colgate redesigned the process and onboarded all the teams that had to work on the project. Including Translation agencies, local markets, SEO team, and their Center of Excellence. It appeared that an Adobe Experience Manager connector would be key for the success of these workflows.


The solution

Now, Colgate is able to choose which articles must be published for a given market (140  articles per year). Then they can be sent through the connector into Wezen. The Translate app has a content editor specific to transcreation purposes. After linguists perform the transcreation step on Wezen, content is reviewed and goes to the Colgate SEO team's step. Marketing reviews from local markets and legal reviews happen on Wezen, until translations are directly integrated into AEM and published on the website. To go further beyond the scope of the website, translation requests for Excel files are also created using the Codex solution in Wezen, which reduces delivery timings even with non-AEM content. 


Although onboarding markets can be seen as a challenge at first, Wezen's local use got higher traction than anticipated. The Customer Success team was able to reassure users by training each team and providing support. Subsidiaries are confident to use Wezen which particularly decreases their time-to-market. Now teams have measured the success of working in the same tool. They thanks us for improving the project efficiencies and gathering everyone on the same software.

After a year, acknowledged a 21% traffic growth with this process revamp.

Since Wezen was first implemented in the group 2019, 5 more Colgate brands have joined Wezen.

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Michael Pereira

Solution Engineer

Michael is the solution Engineer working with Colgate Palmolive

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